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Mike Woosley Honored as Best in Finance by Baltimore Business Journal

Congratulations to Mike Woosley, Lotame’s Chief Operating Officer, for being honored by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “Best in Finance” in Maryland!Mike Woosley

The Baltimore Business Journal has selected Mike as one of seven honorees for this special recognition this year. As the BBJ describes these financial whizzes, they “work hard every day to lift their company up by its bootstraps, and get the books into shipshape.”

These 7 honorees work in industries from education and sports to manufacturing, IT and health care. But they all have one thing in common: they are the money men and women of their companies.

Mike has been a CFO and COO of digital media companies in Baltimore for 18 years, contributing to the success at Advertising.com, Videology, and Lotame.  He has helped create a rich digital media ecosystem in Baltimore that has created thousands of tech jobs in the region.

“Mike is an incredibly intelligent person, that goes without saying,” says Chris Johnson, Lotame’s Director, FP&A. “What is more impressive is his breadth and depth of knowledge — from his PhD in Nuclear Engineering, to authoring a book on nutrition and health, to corporate finance and accounting. I learn more from Mike in one week than I can currently retain. His uncanny ability to look at a financial model or issue and find the veracity in no time is incredible, and somewhat scary. It’s a pleasure to work for him and I have become a much more well-rounded financial analyst and person because of Mike.”

For those of you finance nerds out there, here are some stats that might make more sense to you than the rest of us regarding Mike’s successes as a financial genius:

Mike served as COO and CFO of Videology from its founding, and helped the company achieve sales growth from $0 to $0.25 B run-rate. He also secured over $200 M in equity and debt capital, and led the company expansion in Europe and Asia, building over half of sales outside US in 24 months.

He also served as CFO of Advertising.com from founding to $0.5 B sale, and helped the company grow sales from $0 to $0.25 B run-rate, delivering success in growth economies and recessions. He achieved a successful filing of S-1 with minimal SEC comments, as well as a flawless execution on sale to AOL / TW.

Everyone who works with him will agree that Mike Woosley is one of the smartest people we have had the pleasure to work with. And to top it off, he’s not just smart – he is indeed a pleasure to work with. Lotame is proud to call Mike our COO, and we thank the Baltimore Business Journal for recognizing that his work goes above and beyond.

Congratulations, Mike!