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Meet aiTV: Audience Intelligence for TV & Video

November 28, 2017

aiTV is Lotame’s solution that brings audience intelligence to TV & Video advertising. With our wealth of experience working with digital and mobile data (we’ve been doing that since 2006!), Lotame now brings the same audience insights to linear TV.

Find & Reach Your Audience Across Digital & TV

aiTV bridges the gap in television advertising by bringing rich audience targeting options, once only available in digital channels, to television content owners, agencies, and advertisers. By combining TV viewership data from smart TVs with other online and offline behavioral data, this suite of solutions gives you a complete view of television audiences.

Measure How Effective Your Ads Were

The aiTV: Attributions & Insights reporting suite offers the ability to measure the impact of TV advertising on real-world actions, ranging from foot traffic, offline and online purchases, to website visitation. Now marketers know in real-time the effects of a specific TV buy on their bottom line.

Here is an examples of an Attribution & Insights Reports, showing purchase lift, web traffic, offline purchase lift, and in-store visits:

Like what you see? Want to learn more about aiTV? Read more about aiTV, or contact us for a demo to see the platform in action!