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Mediacorp’s Audience-Driven Strategies Increase CTR 570%

Mediacorp is the biggest Singapore-based media & entertainment company and owns and operates a complete range of media platforms spanning digital, television, radio, print and out-of-home. They also own Toggle, an OTT platform for streaming TV and a variety of local and international TV shows as well as stakes in a number of international media businesses. One of Mediacorp’s clients, the top Management University in Singapore, wanted to drive awareness and leads to their annual Management Festival Event, which is a gathering of executives from many companies to learn about current management challenges and trends. In order to achieve these goals, Mediacorp wanted the ability to create niche segments to target the right audience for driving ticket sales and find more lookalikes for increased conversions.

Lotame Solutions:

  • DMP for Audience Targeting:  Mediacorp used the Lotame DMP to build curated audience segments based on 1st- and 3rd-party demographic data, interest behavior data and the type of content users were consuming on Channel News Asia and other properties within the Mediacorp network to target Professionals, Managers and Business Executives.
  • Insights & Audience Optimizer: In addition to running targeted ads, Mediacorp also used Lotame’s campaign optimization & lookalike modeling tools Insights and Audience Optimizer to constantly learn the user engagement behavior and drive more quality leads for the client.
  • Cross-Device: By leveraging Lotame’s cross device, Mediacorp was able to create a universal view of the users and target them across multiple media channels including PC, Mobile Web and Apps.

Real Results:

Overall, Lotame helped Mediacorp target the right audience and increase campaign performance, as measured by:

  • 570% increased CTR compared to non-targeted strategies
  • 300% increased conversion rate, measured via an increase in ticket sales

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