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Lotame Unveils Semantic Classification Tool

August 14, 2015

Lotame, a data management platform (DMP) that lets marketers, agencies, and publishers harness audience data to make smarter business decisions, today debuted a new Semantic Classification Tool built into its core DMP.

The proprietary tool crawls the content of web pages to identify keywords, which are then mapped to granular user behaviors. The behaviors identified through the tool then automatically appear within Lotame’s DMP and can be used for audience creation and ad targeting. The new tool allows Lotame clients to capture highly granular audience attributes, which enables more precise targeting for marketers, and more monetization opportunities for publishers.

“Lotame’s proprietary technology takes audience discovery to the next level by moving beyond page level attributes and focusing instead on the context of specific articles,” said Rishit Shah, Lotame’s VP of Product Management. “Through the technology, Lotame clients can build deeper first-party insights and can leverage those insights to underpin highly targeted ad delivery.”

Unlike standard page-level data collection, Lotame’s Semantic Classification Tool can provide more detail about the content with which visitors to a site are engaging. A lifestyle publisher, for example, may know that users viewed a page about restaurants in New York. Using Lotame’s new tool, this same publisher can understand that visitors are engaging with content relating to fine dining restaurants in the Upper East Side. These more specific data points enable the publisher to build a more complete picture of site visitors.