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A Q&A with Ed Leahy on Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences for Targeting and Measurement

As a marketer, every dollar counts and it’s critical to target audiences for your digital campaigns with data quality, accuracy, and measurement in mind so you can buy with confidence, reduce wasted ad spend, and maximize global scale.

In today’s Q&A Spotlight, we sat down with Ed Leahy, Senior Director of Data Solutions and Global Sales Lead for Precision Data Products here at Lotame to get more insights on Precision Demographic Audiences, how they’re helping marketers be more successful in reaching their desired targets, and what’s next on the horizon. 

A Q&A Spotlight with Lotame’s Ed Leahy, Senior Director, Data Solutions

What are Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences?
Ed: Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences is a set of highly accurate age and gender demographic data that helps improve targeting, insight collection and analytics. Through our curated and verified process, we test the data in order to exceed industry benchmarks for on-target accuracy by up to 97%.

What makes these audiences different from other high quality segments available for purchase?
Ed: It’s all about Lotame’s methodology which allows us to toggle between scale and accuracy, giving our clients the perfect on-target percentage and/or needed audience size for their campaigns.

What does the methodology look like?
Well, we start with self-declared age/gender data obtained through online survey providers. Once we have these highly accurate tranches of data in house, we use our proprietary algorithms to test and score against multiple integrity checkpoints to ensure the accuracy is there. Our precision segments are continuously evaluated at different scale levels to ensure defined industry benchmarks are met and exceeded.

The continued testing we do has also led to an average 2% increase across the globe, which is great!

What types of clients are incorporating precision data into their campaigns?
We have many different clients from many different industries tapping into our Precision Audiences. From CPG, QSR, Auto, to even Social Media. Any client or prospect that cares about reaching a specific age/gender with accuracy should reach out and have a conversation with us on how we can help.

Here’s a quick video to learn more about what clients are saying about precision data.

“When we think about the standardization of data, we are really looking at things like Lotame’s Precision Demographic Data, which gives us that single reliable source of data that we can then start to make some actionable decisions and recommendations to our clients on.” – Eric Smith, Executive Director of Effective Technology, Mediaassociates

Where are these segments available for purchase?
Ed: Our segments are available in most major markets for immediate purchase in your DSP, including:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Australia

What’s Next for Precision Demographic Audiences?
Ed: Our next endeavor with Precision will be focused on tackling Advanced Demographics, and for starters, the Hispanic marketplace. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are an estimated 58.9 million Hispanic people in the United States, making up 18.1% of the population. Advertisers still have their work cut out for them to better understand how to effectively target the U.S. Hispanic market but unlocking the true potential for messaging around the right language and acculturation is key. As it stands, there really aren’t any viable ways to reach the marketplace using data outside of browser language setting or self declared offline data.

This is where our Lotame proprietary segments can help. We will be offering segments based on acculturation levels to help marketers better navigate language and/or cultural preferences of their target audience. We will share more in the coming months on methodology and updates.

Thank you Ed!

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