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Lotame Partners with x+1

June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

[x+1], a leading provider of digital marketing and data management software, and Lotame today announced a technology partnership for data sharing and media buying. The integration will connect marketers on the [x+1] Origin platform with publishers on Lotame Syndicate to give clients a permission-based system with the ability to share first-party data in a safe and secure way. The data sharing enabled by this integration will connect a selection of the largest online advertisers and publishers for effective media buying at scale.

Marketers rely on [x+1] to give them programmatic control over the broadest range of paid and owned media channels. Lotame’s growing base of premier publishers provides a rich environment for brands seeking engaged, in-market audiences and enhances [x+1]’s technology partner ecosystem. Through Lotame Syndicate, audience segments designed using [x+1] Origin can now be accessed in Lotame’s data management platform (DMP).

“The ability for our customers to target their marketing audiences easily across Lotame’s premium publisher pool is a major benefit,” said David Skinner, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at [x+1]. “The fact that this partnership is two-way, allowing Lotame’s publishers to make their inventory available to our clients, benefits the entire programmatic ecosystem.”

“The ability to share first-party audience segments addresses the needs from marketers and publishers for highly secure audience targeting,” said Kevin Kohn, Chief Revenue Officer of Lotame. “Our integration with [x+1] will open up a wealth of opportunities between marketers and publishers, giving them the ability to syndicate their audience in a controlled environment.”

One of the top five US banks is currently benefiting from the [x + 1] and Lotame partnership. To illustrate the integration process, when a marketer wants to reach users at a specific point in the funnel with a highly targeted offer, they use [x+1] Origin to design a precise audience segment that meets all their key criteria. Then, from within [x+1], they will select the inventory source they want to use from a list of Lotame publishers. That audience segment is then sent to Lotame Syndicate, so the marketer can buy media against that audience in Lotame’s network of publishers.

The combination of [x+1] Origin and Lotame gives advertisers the ability to create highly targeted audience segments and deploy them across a deep, diverse and high-quality inventory pool.