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Lotame Panorama: See What You’ve Been Missing — For Free

May 21, 2020

by Jason Downie, Chief Revenue Officer, Lotame

In case you missed it, Lotame launched its Panorama suite of data enrichment solutions this week. You can read more about the release here. We’ve been aggressive in developing solutions to help marketers, agencies, and publishers throughout our 14-year history, but this time was more urgent. 

Privacy regulations, cookie challenges, and the absence of a universal device ID continue to complicate digital advertising and obscure or break important connections with customers. This triple threat for marketers and publishers was the impetus for our development, testing and launch of Lotame Panorama. Our suite of data enrichment solutions helps media buyers and sellers expand their customer view to drive insights and scale activation everywhere — no cookies required. 

(You read that correctly. No Cookies Required.)

We’ve long advocated for a connected ecosystem that benefits both sides of the table, while doing the right thing by consumers. With Panorama, every moment is now an opportunity to build a relationship, as it should be. Which is why, Panorama is even more beneficial for our valued clients at this point in time, when up is down and down is up, and everyone is concerned about preserving, nurturing, and growing customer relationships.

Digital advertising is very different today than it was in January. Consumer traffic to trusted sites and apps is surging but ad spend is way down. CPMs have fallen with less competition from advertisers vying for consumer attention, but those brands that are spending, don’t want to be associated with Covid content. Publishers have a surplus of inventory but far fewer bites to monetize that content and support continued editorial coverage and business expenses. 

Many brands have paused spending in anticipation of recovery in Q3 and Q4. While every brand’s circumstances are unique, this is a risky endeavor as it opens the door for upstarts and competitors to chip away at market share. With more consumers on their connected devices, there are more opportunities to understand changing behavior, evolving passions and new interests. If you can see them, that is. 

Panorama was designed to solve for the very real challenges that existed pre-Covid and our current situation. But you don’t even have to take our word for it. You can road test Panorama for free and see its efficacy for yourself:

  1. Try Panorama Insights for free. Test drive the world’s largest resource of quality attributes and behaviors — all in one place — in our intuitive platform with this two-week free trial.
  2. Take the free Panorama Challenge to get your Enrichment Match Rate. See the second- and third-party addressable audiences you’ve been missing across devices, channels, and the cookie-challenged web. Simple code on page, no tech integration.

Connections are what sustain us. That sentence could not be truer today, for everyone, around the world. Our communities and local businesses are facing tough challenges, but we’ve seen enormous shows of strength, ingenuity and resilience, near and far. I’ve seen that spirit, drive and endurance firsthand across Lotame over the past few months as every team pushed harder and faster to serve our clients. 

I hope you’ll take us up on this chance to see what you’ve been missing with Panorama.