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Lotame Launches Syndicate to Enable Private, Secure, and Direct Second-Party Data Sharing

May 23, 2016

Lotame, the leading independent data management platform, today announced the launch of Lotame Syndicate, a private second-party data marketplace where publishers, marketers, and agencies can buy, sell, and share audience data in a seamless, secure, and fully-transparent manner. Lotame Syndicate enables marketers to find consumers they care about by not only facilitating the exchange of data, but also showcasing publishers and inventory sources with the highest audience overlap and reach.

Lotame Syndicate provides a safe and secure peer-to-peer environment for data owners and buyers to directly discover and size target audiences, free from the inefficient and costly process typically associated with third-party data providers and aggregators. Syndicate provides a forum for buyers and media sellers to discover and commercialize opportunity, boosting the potential for monetization and partnerships.

Lotame Syndicate powers the seamless and direct buying and selling of data between publishers and marketers and that exchange of data occurs at scale within Lotame’s DMP as well as across our partner DSPs.

“Lotame Syndicate transcends other data marketplaces because it’s not just a marketplace, but rather a mechanism to easily find and characterize audiences, and to move data between two or more parties. The applications extend far beyond those typically associated with today’s data exchanges,” said Andy Monfried, Lotame’s Founder & CEO. “We are seeing buyers negotiate more favorable CPMs and gain exclusive access to datasets from major 3rd-party data aggregators, publishers symbiotically sharing data to keep competitors at bay and increase audience reach, brands boost performance on publisher-direct media buys by exposing known brand engagers and customers, and the list goes on and on.”

Dozens of buyers and sellers are actively participating in Lotame Syndicate today. As publishers, brands, and agencies continue to join in the second-party data evolution and as alternative use cases and new data strategies are introduced and adopted, both sides of the market will find opportunities to capitalize from Lotame Syndicate.

Lotame’s 2nd-party data offering was initially launched in 2013 as Crowd Syndicate, offering 2nd-party data sharing capabilities to all Lotame DMP users. With this re-launch, second-party data is now available to anyone with a DSP account, making niche, high-quality data even more accessible.

Learn more about Lotame Syndicate here, or click here to download the Guide to 2nd Party Data Success.

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