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Lotame Powering Programmatic Video

February 19, 2015

Lotame’s Founder & CEO, Andy Monfried, was interviewed by Beet.TV at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting recently. Andy explains how Lotame is working with video publishers including SpotXchange to power their programmatic operations. Click here to see the original posting on beet.tv, or watch the video below.

So, just what are we doing at Lotame? To quote Andy “The big issue that we’re solving is that businesses – publishers, marketers many others – are faced with this conundrum that their first party data is in different silos across their organization. From video to search, email to content to CRM, they all sit in different data stores. Our goal as a DMP is to unify that all together under one platform to enable a marketer or publisher to take action with it.”

What about video? Lotame helps the video world in a few ways, as Andy lays out on Beet.TV:
  1. We help distribute content by identifying audiences that will be receptive to the content and help find places across the exchanges and rest of the landscape that is a match for those audiences, thereby increasing reach and scale
  2. Our technology enables video publishers to tell a better story to the right audience, then find look-alikes to that audience to extend that valuable audience across other channels
  3. We help publishers identify their valuable audiences and take that data to buy those same audiences programmatically in video