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Lotame Holiday Data Segments Will Make Your Campaigns Jolly

It’s time to start building audiences for the most wonderful time of the year! 

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping lists and effective holiday marketing. Whether you’re targeting Hanukkah, Christmas or Christma-hana-kwanzika, Lotame holiday data segments have your campaigns covered through the New Year and beyond.

About 190 million U.S. consumers (more than half the population), will shop online this year, according to Forrester. Let us help you make targeting those holiday shoppers even easier. Here are some of our seasonal segments you can be on the lookout for: 

Holiday Shopping Segments

The gift-giving season is here! From holiday baking—think Toll House and Hershey’s—to winter holiday travel, parties and electronics, plan your segments today. Request Now


New Year’s Resolutions Segments 

Change is near. Target New Year’s resolution goers with segments geared toward exercising, traveling or purchasing a new home! Request Now


Lotame Partner Spotlight: Skimlinks & Shopping Intent Segments!

Skimlinks offers best-in-breed Shopping Intent segments from millions of affiliate shopping publishers and purchase funnel tracking for individuals who are in the market to buy items such as children’s toys, mobile phones, fitness equipment and much more this holiday season! Learn more about Skimlinks here.


Lotame can help you ring in the holidays and the New Year with targeted holiday data segments for your most pressing mobile & digital campaigns. These third-party data segments are available off-the-shelf in all major DSPs. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a specific request for a holiday campaign? Let the Lotame Data Team know if you have any questions or if you’re looking for something custom. Email us at datasales@lotame.com.


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