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Lotame Data Exchange: The World’s Data at Your Fingertips

Digital marketers, agencies, publishers and trading desks alike rely on high-quality third-party data from the Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) to fuel their data-driven campaigns. The LDX is the most trusted and comprehensive data exchange in the world, with 4000 segments built from 6 billion data points collected from devices of every type across 5 continents.

Prepackaged or Custom Audience Segments

All of these granular data points have been packaged up into thousands of audience segments, covering anything from purchase intent and interests to demographics and behaviors. You can get as granular or broad as you want. For example, we’ve got an audience of Auto Intenders, and beyond that you can choose car type (SUV, Minivan, Hybrid, etc), make (Honda, Nissan, Fiat, etc) or Model (Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CRV). No matter who you are trying to reach, we have the data you need.

Looking for specific audiences or data points? Contact us or send an email to datasales@lotame.com with your questions.

Data Focused on Quality – No Bots Allowed

Lotame’s Data Exchange is focused on quality, thanks to our exclusive partnership with Are You a Human, whose best in class detection technology allows us to remove all profiles identified as bots. With Lotame’s data, you can ensure you are focusing on people, not bots, so your campaigns are getting in front of the right people.

What Types of Data Are Available Through the Lotame Data Exchange?

The Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) bundles 100% declared demographic and demonstrated behavioral data into more than 5,000 pre-packaged segments ready for targeting. Lotame is the premier source of accurate, intelligent, up-to-the-minute data at scale – the key asset behind the most successful digital ad campaigns, strong user engagement, content recommendation, and more.

Types of data from the Lotame Data Exchange

Does Lotame Have TV Viewership Data?

Yes! Through our partnership with SmartTV providers, Lotame offers hundreds of pre-packaged Smart TV Audiences, based on TV viewership data including network, daypart, and program. These data segments can be mixed and matched with other first- and third-party data segments to create a truly unique and unrivaled cross-channel audience for your campaign. Lotame’s partnership with a leading American HDTV company captures these rich data signals flowing from Smart TVs, making them easily available for targeting in the digital realm – anywhere Lotame data is available for purchase! Learn more about Smart TV Audiences.

Where is LDX Data Available?

Lotame’s audience segments are available in 40+ advertising platforms, including Google, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, and more, as well as directly within Lotame’s data management platform, giving you the ability to quickly and easily harness the power of third-party data from the largest data exchange in the world.

We’d love to talk about the data segments you need or want. Contact us or send an email to datasales@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!