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Lotame Cross-Device FAQs

January 2, 2017

Since launching Lotame Cross-Device several years ago, we have come across several frequently asked questions. We have compiled these questions and answers for you here, to help shed some light on what Lotame Cross-Device is and how it works. Read on for more information.

Tell me a little bit about Lotame Cross-Device?

Lotame is proud to announce the launch of a new, patent-pending technology that identifies relationships between devices and links those used by the same consumer, enabling Lotame customers to seamlessly port audience and behavior data gathered from cookies to device IDs and vice versa. As of the product launch, the Lotame Cross-Device technology allows linking cookies (fixed web or mobile web) to mobile device IDs. Future iterations of the product may support additional device linkings, including fixed/mobile web to other fixed/mobile web cookies.

What methods do you use to link different devices together?

Lotame’s Device Graph uses two methods for cross-device user identification:

  • Deterministic match: (also called “direct matching”) used when there is known information that connects a user to difference devices. For example, user login information passed on two different devices.
  • Probabilistic match: uses statistical analysis to identify different devices used by a user with a degree of certainty. Only those links with high degree of certainty are used to link devices together

Can I run a campaign targeting an audience’s 1st party mobile app inventory using 1st or 3rd party data collected on cookies?

Yes! It’s very simple. After you create the desired audience(s), you should start seeing the incremental reach using the device graph in the next 24-48 hrs. The lift might change when we next run the device graph. Lotame’s device graph refreshes every 7 days.

To run a campaign against this audience, export this audience to your desired activation channel like AppNexus, Google DDP/DFP/DBM or Brightroll.

If you wish to use an activation channel that is not supported at the time of product launch, please use the audience extraction API to pass the audience to your channel using the ad call.

Can I enrich my 1st party cookie pool by linking offline device pool data?

Yes! First, you need to upload the offline data file into our system (using the standard s2s specs). In the next few days, audiences stats will change depending on the links using the offline data

How can I retarget an audience on my 1st party mobile app inventory?

  • Create your desired audience and export it to your preferred activation channel
  • Implement pixels you’ve created from a custom hierarchy to track impressions/exposures
  • Run the campaign
  • Create a new audience with just the impression behavior
  • Wait for 24-48 hrs to start seeing the stats with 1st party audience extension on the bar chart
  • Export the new audience (with impression behavior) to your preferred mobile activation channel or use the audience extraction API

Can I also include a frequency cap on an ad campaign across devices (set a maximum number of impressions to a given user across multiple devices)?

Of course! You can include frequency capping on cross-device campaigns just as you would on any other targeted campaign.

Can I serve sequential messaging across multiple devices?

Yes, of course. Cross-device targeting has the same capabilities as other Lotame targeting. However, there are a few considerations to think through when creating a sequentially-delivered ad campaign. Consider the duration of your ad campaign, size of your target audience, and the quantity of messages you wish to deliver; as a reminder, when delivering sequential messaging, a user must be exposed to the first message before being exposed to the second, third, or fourth messages. As such, the pools of targetable users will be smaller with each subsequent message.

Consider the number of exposures (impressions) you wish to set for each message before delivering the next message in the sequence. Is one enough?

How can I learn more?

We’d love to show you a demo of Lotame’s cross-device technology. Request a demo to see it yourself!

Request A Free Demo

Or, check out our whitepaper for more details:

Cross Device Whitepaper