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Lotame Certified as a 2017 Great Place to Work!

May 1, 2017

We already knew it to be true, but now we’ve got one more award to add to our roster. Lotame has been certified as a Great Place to Work in 2017 by the Great Places to Work Institute! In fact, 96% of Lotame employees agree that Lotame is a great place to work!

Lotame is a great place to work

Here are some of the programs we have in place that make Lotame a great place to work!

  • Peer2Peer Awards: All employees are encouraged to submit coworkers for peer recognition. Every week in our Friday employee newsletter we highlight the winner, along with why they were nominated, and the winner gets a $50 Visa gift card.
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off: Unlimited paid vacation and sick time, which is very handy for employees who have families to take care of. There are no time sheets and no hours to clock. Our employees do their work when they need to, and they take care of their families and themselves when they need to. Simple and flexible, no questions asked.
  • Annual Crab Picking Picnic: Every August we gather near our Columbia, MD office for a summer picnic with our families. Along with beer, BBQ, volleyball, and water balloon fights, the highlight of the day is Maryland crab picking!
  • Friday Beer Cart: On Friday afternoons the beer comes to us! We fill a cooler with beer and soft drinks and push it around to our employees to enjoy a cold one.
  • Hack-a-Thon: Twice a year our engineering team has a “hack-a-thon” in which any Lotame employee first pitches an idea for something that the engineers can build. After the pitches, the engineers get to choose which idea to support, and form teams to make those a reality. A few days later they have a demo day to show off the results. The best one so far – an employee-built kegerator, featuring home-brew from some members of our Beer Club.
  • New Hire Mentoring Program: This is a new program in 2016 in which new employees are matched with employees who have been with the company longer, to help them adjust and feel welcome from day 1.
  • Meditation Room: We have a meditation room available for employees who need some time to chill out and unwind, or perhaps sneak in a nap if they need to!
  • Spot Bonuses: Employees who have made outstanding contributions can be awarded up to $500 cash by their superiors at any time.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re looking to join our team, here are some tips:

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

We are suckers for creative applicants. Some creative things we have seen include shooting a 2-3 minute video and sending it to our team – that’s a quick way to get our attention! We also love any applicant that comes prepared with something to contribute right off the bat. For example, someone in marketing can suggest a new idea for building our brand. Anyone who has done that much research is a step ahead of the competition as they are ready to hit the ground running.

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

Next year we are focused on engineers/tech and product managers.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

Do some research online, dig as much as you can to find out about Lotame. We’re always looking for data rockstars and are ready to hear from you. Learn more about our current openings here and send your resume to hr@lotame.com when you’re ready to chat!

Read more about why Lotame is a great place to work on our Facebook page, on the “About our Workplace” tab!