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Using a DMP to Increase Campaign Performance

Happy customers are repeat customers, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fickle world of digital advertising. With so many measurement tools available to your advertisers, you really do live and die by the success of your last ad campaign.

So How Can a DMP Help Increase Campaign Performance?

Well fortunately, help is at hand. If you’re a Lotame client you have a suite of tools at your disposal that help ensure you can increase campaign performance.

Campaign Analytics
Campaign Analytics delivers robust campaign monitoring capabilities and tools for improving campaign results. Through Campaign Analytics, you can quickly identify key performance drivers for individual campaigns. Which audience segments are performing best? Which behaviors within those segments are driving up / dragging down performance? And which of your data sources – first-party, second-party or third-party – is driving the best results? Armed with these insights you can refine your campaigns, add scale to them, and optimize them to help increase performance.

Lotame Audience Optimizer
Audience Optimizer uses sophisticated machine-learning to create look-alike models by continuously analyzing the most granular data points of those that are clicking and converting on your clients’ campaigns. You can use first-, second- and third-party data to create the models, and optimized audiences are updated every 24 hours with new information. While Campaign Analytics is a more manual reporting and optimization tool, Audience Optimizer is fully automated. The product is easy to use, provides predictive results and puts the power to optimize data directly into your hands.

To see Lotame’s optimization tools in action and see how they help increase campaign performance, check out this case study.