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Jumpstart Your CPG Data Strategy with Lotame’s Audience Insights Report

As a CPG marketer, you must have the right strategy in place to reach your most valuable consumers across screens, with accurate and up-to-date customer data. According to RetailMeNot’s 2019 survey, 16% of consumers are buying items through subscription services. Another 34% say they will use a subscription service in the future. The CPG industry includes goods that people around the world consume and replenish or replace frequently; everything from food and beverages, household products, diapers, to toilet paper and beyond. Regardless of how quickly these items are purchased and consumed, the CPG market is not only highly competitive, but also incredibly fragmented in terms of market saturation. Adding to this confusion are steep loyalty curves. Customers are smart, and know they can switch brands or suppliers at any time to access cheaper or better products. Plus, there’s a growing segment of direct-to-consumer brands disrupting the CPG industry with subscription models.

Planning a CPG Campaign? Lotame’s brand new Audience Insights Report will help you identify the correct audience data you need to successfully reach CPG shoppers. 

Report highlights include:

  • Global Trends: Digital Spend, Ad Fraud & Top CPG Audience Segments 
  • 6 Marketing Tips to Jumpstart Your CPG Data Strategy 
  • The World’s Largest 2nd and 3rd Party Data Marketplace
    • Precision Demographic Audiences
    • Co-Branded Audiences, including Lotame TV audiences
    • Pre-Packaged Audiences
    • Custom Data Solutions 
    • Audience Optimizer for Scale 
  • Bonus: CPG Audience Campaign Planner

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