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It’s Your Data – It Should Be 100% Portable

February 4, 2018

A DMP sits at the center of the advertising ecosystem. It gives you audience insights and analysis of your audience, your campaign performance, and the value of your content. And yet without a way to deliver the data to other platforms that can serve the ads and match the data to a desired performance action – it’s all kind of a wasted effort.

That’s why Lotame supports integrations with all major advertising and marketing platforms, giving you the freedom to decide where and how to activate your data. Unlike other DMPs or DSPs who claim to be DMPs, Lotame is open to working with our customers to help you send your data wherever you want it to go. (We’ll even connect to other DMPs for you!) We don’t dictate which activation channels you can or cannot send your data to. Why? Because it’s YOUR data – and it should be 100% portable!

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Maximum Data Portability for Maximum Value

It’s not just about the quantity of activation partners we offer – it’s about how easy it is to get your data to them in a format that they require. That’s why we’ve built simple export functionality into our DMP, so that data can be transferred into and out of our platform as seamlessly as possible.

We’ve built server to server (S2S) and API integrations with these platforms to help ensure that you can actually do amazing things with your data. We’ve worked from day one to give you maximum data portability – so your data goes wherever you go. Clients use our APIs to any platform out there, or to send data to custom-built applications. Check out this case study with Greenlight Digital, a UK-based agency who built custom reporting dashboards to share their audience insights across their creative agency to inform planning, creative, and beyond.

Choose any media source you want. That’s 100% data portability.

It’s your data. You have the right to control it, share it and use it how you see fit. We’re happy to advise you, but with the growing list of activation partners we offer, you have every opportunity to make your data work for you.

Lotame data is available in every major DSP and exchange, including Google, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, Turn, TubeMogul, Videology, Tremor Media, Yahoo, DataXu, and more. Click here for a representative sample of the most popular integrations available today.

Don’t see a vendor? We can’t list them all here, so just ask!

We know data is a valuable asset for you, and the team at Lotame is here to help you collect, organize and segment that data into useful audiences to power your data-driven marketing efforts. We consider our technology to be the “pipes” of the MarTech industry, and we aren’t going to tell you where you can and can’t send it.

If you’re interested in data portability and would like to learn more about Lotame’s platform, connect with us and we can set up a time to talk.

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