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It’s Time to Unstack

April 5, 2019

Five years ago, publishers and marketers looking to manage data-driven campaigns would generally select a data management platform as a first step. The DMP enabled these companies to build audiences, create smarter targeted advertising campaigns, and discover audience insights. Hard to believe, but we were still in the era of DMP 101: a one size-fits all approach.

Fast forward to today. Data use cases are becoming more varied, complicated and sophisticated across the globe.

For publishers and media companies, data powers advertising in programmatic and direct channels, across all formats and inventory types. Data can also fuel audience development, content development and consumer marketing, enabling publishers to scale users and revenue. For marketers and agencies, data unlocks new customer engagement and acquisition opportunities through smarter and more efficient multi-channel marketing. On both the sell and the buy-side, the potential applications for audience data are exploding and diversifying. As a result, the demand for one-size-fits-all MarTech stacks is shifting in favor of unstacked and specialized data solutions.

Let’s use a silly example: say you would like to open a bottle of wine. A marketing stack may offer you a Swiss Army-like contraption that includes a knife, wrench, scissors, and – somewhere in the mix – a corkscrew. It’s useless to have these additional options that don’t accomplish what you need them to, when all you needed in the first place was a corkscrew. Or better yet, a sommelier with a corkscrew! But, what is the alternative?




Enter Lotame. The Unstacked Data Solutions Company.

With our unbundled technology, unrivaled service, and unparalleled flexibility, our clients have learned to expect the unexpected. Lotame has already been developing custom data solutions for our clients, including some of the world’s biggest publishers, marketers and agencies, such as Bloomberg, IBM and Omnicom Media Group.

So what does this mean exactly?

Lotame has unstacked our data solutions to give enterprise clients the ability to mix and match tools and capabilities in a cost-effective manner based on their specific needs. We’re not selling a one-size-fits-all platform, and we won’t bundle or upsell you media applications that you don’t need or want. What we are doing, is simplifying our product offering into 4 core families:

  • Lotame LAB: Build the perfect audiences for targeting, modeling and personalization
  • Lotame Connect: Data In, Data Out. Pull in your data from anywhere and send it everywhere, using our suite of APIs, tools, and integrations.
  • Lotame Analytics: Insights to get a 360 degree view of your consumers and campaign performance
  • Lotame Data Exchange: Custom data services and thousands of global 2nd and 3rd party data segments built from desktop, mobile, and SmartTV to help scale your marketing

As demand for specific data tools continues to grow, we are taking a stand as a leader in building flexible, unstacked solutions for clients around the globe.

One example of this approach is our Data Stream product, which is a firehose to the guts of the Lotame platform, with direct access to the data and functionality that underpins a DMP.  While the large MarTech stack providers are walled gardens, holding consumer data within their applications, we are making it easier for enterprise clients to directly access and analyze their highly valuable consumer data.

Our independence has allowed us to build products that are in the service of our clients, and we have an incredibly flexible product architecture that is uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of the marketplace. While other large MarTech companies are focused on stacking media experience tools on top of their DMPs to grow revenue for adjacent business lines, we are tacking the other way to help our clients grow their revenue.

Click here for just a few reasons why our clients love Lotame Unstacked Data Solutions.

Are you ready to unstack? Join us! 

Andy Monfried, Lotame Founder & CEO