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Introducing the MyLotame Community

January 22, 2015

At Lotame, our goal is to empower our clients with data that drives successful business outcomes.

We can’t succeed unless you do.

It’s why we’ve continually enhanced the technology at the heart of our DMP, and why we’ve grown our client success team over the last year. They’ve helped the entire company develop a deeper understanding of each client’s organization — one that helps us better address your business needs.

This laser focus on client success is also why we’re excited to launch the MyLotame Community, a new portal designed to give you support, insights and education whenever you need it.

Engage. Learn. Share.

You’ve told us that getting to engage with, learn from and share information with other clients during our Client Summits has been an invaluable experience. With the MyLotame Community, we’re bringing those in-person conversations online to foster a community you can access 24-7.

  • We’ve made the MyLotame Community a robust portal where you can:
  • Ask questions and share information with other Lotame clients
  • Learn best practices for using our DMP
  • Submit support tickets and track their progress
  • Access previous webinars and slides from our Client Summits
  • Find video content and white papers that give you more knowledge about the best ways to mobilize your first-party data

Review an FAQ section that addresses common questions

And while you’ll get to interact with other clients, we’ve also tasked our Global Community Manager with making the MyLotame Community a great resource for you.

Our Global Community Manager will cultivate discussions within the community and answer any of your questions, allowing you to participate in engaging conversations with other marketers and publishers and with our dedicated client success team.

Curated Conversations (Even After Hours)

Sometimes questions or issues arise outside the normal 9-5 workday. We want to make sure that information about using our DMP is available for you around the clock — and the MyLotame Community is just another way for us to give you the best customer service.

Of course, our strategic account managers and other team members will still be at your disposal to handle questions and requests via email and phone, but we hope that you’ll begin to think of the MyLotame Community as another valuable member of our client success team.

Check out the new portal at mylotame.force.com. You also can access the MyLotame Community by clicking the Help link within the Lotame platform after you log in.