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Introducing Lotame Cross-Device

October 1, 2014

Marketers, publishers and almost everyone in-between are hungry for cross-device measurement. According to a 2013 ANA study, spending on cross-platform media campaigns will grow from 20 to 50 percent within three years. And a whopping 88 percent of the study’s respondents also said cross-platform campaigns would become more important in effectively delivering marketing messages.

But most marketers aren’t effectively executing cross-device or cross-platform campaigns right now – and most publishers aren’t able to deliver the audience guarantees to support them. Brian Mikalis, senior vice president of monetization at Pandora, described it as trying to compare apples to oranges.

The problem is simple, but the solution is relatively complex. The industry hasn’t figured out the best way to link cookies — the de facto digital targeting currency — with mobile device IDs, whether via smartphone, tablet, or even a set-top box. But several companies are investing in this area, moving toward providing the capabilities that the industry needs for holistic audience insights (and action). With the launch of Lotame Cross-Device, we’re glad to say that we’re one of them.

What Real Cross-Device Intelligence Looks Like

Call us biased, but we firmly believe that DMPs can play a critical role in helping marketers execute potent cross-device strategies, in addition to supporting publishers with cross-platform audience monetization.

Put simply, cross-platform strategies require the ability to identify relationships between different devices. The process of linking devices – or not linking them, to eliminate faulty relationships – between consumers includes assessing three types of data:

– Device signals (such as a device’s make, model and operating system)

– Consumption signals (IP address, location, time stamp, etc.)

– Visitation signals (frequency of visits and time between events), it’s possible to link devices used by the same consumer.

Lotame Cross-Device will combine data derived from these signals, as well as our existing pool of intel from over 3 billion cookies, to produce true cross-platform audience intelligence. For marketers, it means greater reach and efficient, optimized ad campaigns. For publishers, it means increased CPMs and sell-through rates on desktop and mobile.

Cross-device measurement is the Holy Grail for achieving a 360-view of the consumer. Steadily, the industry is making progress. But are we there yet? Just maybe.