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Introducing the “Did You Know” Video Series

January 10, 2018

Why the “Did You Know” Video Series?

It’s come to our attention that our competitors are not well-versed on Lotame’s product offering. While their opinions might not matter to us, yours do! While we know we have THE BEST technology and service in the DMP landscape, we have been a bit too modest.

In 2018, Lotame would like our competitors and — most importantly — YOU to know the truth.

That’s why we’re launching a “Did You Know?” series of videos to break down some of our products and standard procedures.

Hear directly from our executives and team members, who will break down different “myths” about Lotame, and clarify what that facts are.

First Up

Data Perishability. Did you know that Lotame can store data in our DMP for up to 13 months? Some of our competitors are saying they are the only ones who can do that, but it’s not true! Check out the video to learn more.

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