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[Infographic] Your Guide to Targeting In-Market Travelers

Published on June 6, 2017

Did you know that the U.S. travel industry advertising spend was predicted to grow from 2.4B U.S. dollars in 2011 to $7.27B in 2019*?

What’s your action plan for identifying and targeting the right audience for travel campaigns? Whether you’re looking to target domestic travelers, international explorers, U.S. citizens with passports, or consumers shopping for Back-to-School, Lotame has you covered.

Now you can target Lotame Viewability segments to improve viewability scores by 20%+!

With summer travel plans underway, we created a brand new campaign success guide to help you target the right mix of travel audience data. With a combination of behavioral profiles, seasonal segments, CPG and geographic layering, you have direct access to adventure seekers and world explorers, including:

  • Behavioral: Airline frequent flyers, Hotel Elite members
  • Smart TV Viewership: Viewers of the Travel Channel or specific shows like Anthony Bordain and The Amazing Race
  • Seasonal Segments: Summer Travel, Cruises, Wedding Travel
  • And more

View the just released LDX Travel Infographic and find out how you can reach potential travelers using Lotame data segments today.

*Source: eMarketer