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[Infographic] Your Guide to Targeting In-Market Travelers

June 6, 2017

Did you know that the U.S. travel industry advertising spend was predicted to grow from 2.4B U.S. dollars in 2011 to $7.27B in 2019*?

The Importance of Travel Audience Targeting

It’s no secret how much data can be gained about a consumer when they travel. No matter why someone decides to take a trip, even if it’s for school or work, they want the experience to be a fun, enjoyable one. This drives customers to constantly look for improvements in their travel process — but collecting data about each specific user and applying it in a relevant way is the challenge.

What’s your action plan for identifying and targeting the right audience for travel campaigns? Whether you’re looking to target domestic travelers, international explorers, U.S. citizens with passports, or consumers shopping for Back-to-School, Lotame has you covered.

Now you can target Lotame Viewability segments to improve viewability scores by 20%+!

With summer travel plans underway, we created a brand new campaign success guide to help you target the right mix of travel audience data. With a combination of behavioral profiles, seasonal segments, CPG and geographic layering, you have direct access to adventure seekers and world explorers, including:

  • Behavioral: Airline frequent flyers, Hotel Elite members
  • Smart TV Viewership: Viewers of the Travel Channel or specific shows like Anthony Bordain and The Amazing Race
  • Seasonal Segments: Summer Travel, Cruises, Wedding Travel
  • And more
Successful Travel Campaigns

View the just released LDX Travel Infographic and find out how you can reach potential travelers using Lotame data segments today.

Big Data in the Travel Industry: How to Use It to Increase Your Customer Base

As we mentioned earlier, knowing how to actually put data to good use is crucial in the travel industry. So how will our infographic help you? With detailed facts about specific parts of your consumer’s lifestyles and travel habits, you’ll be able to grow your company like many others have by making the following improvements:

  • Personalization: So many businesses exist in the travel industry, including airlines, cruise lines, hotels and more. Traveling customers are diverse, and each comes with a unique set of needs and requirements. Travel audience information helps companies learn about small segments of their target audience, even sometimes down to the individual. They can then create special deals, promotions and events to satisfy their customers, create a loyalty and generate word-of-mouth referrals within each segment.
  • Differentiation and improvement: With the proper travel audience information, companies can find out exactly where both their marketing and services are excelling and lagging compared to other companies. Once that differentiation has been made, any travel company can learn how to position themselves above the competition by improving the areas in which they fall short.
  • Speed: We know through big data analysis that to gain conversion and loyalty, travel companies need to offer fast websites and apps. Knowing information about consumers also helps to quickly push out content, information and promotions that are relevant to their travel experience and preferences.
  • Travel assistance in real time: Big data on mobile devices grants travel businesses the insight they need to help customers with world travel in real time. Many companies use real-time data to give recommendations and travel assistance through mobile apps. Travel apps might let a consumer know they have an important restaurant, theme park, museum or other location near them, and companies can send deals and coupons for those locations through the app or give tips on local safety and services.
  • Covering future customer needs: Customers on airlines and cruise lines are often on vacation, and they tend to have an idea in mind for their next trip. Big data analysis allows travel companies to determine exactly where the most popular locations are based on what customers are currently searching for and trying to visit. Knowing this information allows travel businesses to anticipate specific trip locations, allocate their resources cost-effectively and design the best customer experience.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward success in your travel audience targeting, Lotame will make it happen. Contact us now to request a demo.

*Source: eMarketer

Updated November 16, 2017