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Why Independent Agencies Should Be a Part of Every Marketer’s Recipe for Success

With the advent of so many new technologies, CMOs and brand owners are faced with more and more decisions to be made. By now, many have discovered and perhaps even decoded a majority of the marketing, media and tech acronyms. They have even begun to challenge their big agencies on media spend, creative, personnel, and social media. Now they are starting to ask questions around data activation and audience tools. To stay ahead of the curve, many marketers have good reason to include smaller independent agencies into the mix. Here’s why:

They’re in it for long haul 

When a smaller agency pitches new business, they dedicate so many resources, time and talent into that win. After they sign the deal, those highly talented, often senior people who you engaged with during the courting phase are still actively involved with your success. They showed enough knowledge and caring and capability to earn your trust and your business and they never want to stop. They will continually innovate and evaluate to drive ROI for you, because they want to work with you forever!

They will act like an extension of your own business 

Small agencies dedicate time to learn about new technologies in the marketplace, and vet those which would apply to specific clients and their individualized goals. Leadership will not only take the time to educate their teams, they will take the time to educate their clients. They will cull through the multitude of solutions providers and give them the opportunity to present how and why they may be right for your business. A small agency has so much riding on their success for you that they will act as your watch dog, partner and professor. They will spend time not only understanding the parts of the business they are working on, but will work to understand your overall business in hopes that they will have the opportunity to bring other solutions to you when the time is right.


Being independent means the agency does not have another agenda driven by a larger holding company. Independence allows them to be flexible and act quickly to respond to brand and marketer client needs. Being independent means that no matter the size of your brand or budget you will not be deprioritized because you are considered less important by your logo. You are valued by the entire team and your needs will be heard across the organization. Independence means savvy personnel and less layers to navigate, designed to be agile and innovative in order to keep customers happy.

Whether you are a huge global brand or a small start-up brand looking to conquer the world, think about how you could incorporate the smaller agency into your efforts.  This decision may even help you keep the big agency guys you do work with on their toes and working better for you.

by Madeline Rich, Global Client Ambassador, Lotame