Case Study: How to Increase Conversions 80% with Audience Optimizer

March 22, 2019

Rise Interactive, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency, aimed to increase conversions and product revenue for their client, a well-known, global designer and manufacturer of high-quality, contemporary jewelry, via a targeted display campaign at a low CPA.

They partnered with Lotame to collect, organize, analyze, and activate audience data on behalf of their jewelry client. By looking at the interests and behaviors of the audience that engaged most with the brand, Rise was able to feed these insights back into the overall marketing plan to inform their strategy on how to best reach these consumers.

Rise also used Lotame Audience Optimizer, a machine-learning tool that predicts the likelihood of an audience to engage with a campaign, and automatically adjusts the target audience with those findings.
Overall, Rise Interactive was able to increase conversions for this campaign 80% using Lotame’s technology.

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