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How Publishers Can Stop Cookie Deprecation From Impacting Revenue

Lotame’s Chris Hogg, Global Head of Platform Sales, discusses the challenges facing publishers in 2022, and how they can overcome them to drive revenue growth. Read an excerpt below, and find the full story here

“Research from McKinsey & Company suggests that publishers risk losing $10 billion in revenue due to reduced personalization and audience targeting capabilities. Additionally, our own research shows 33% of publishers expect their programmatic revenue stream to shrink considerably following cookie deprecation.

In a cookieless ecosystem, revenue loss is a major concern for every industry professional. As a result of the deprecation of cookies, 40% of publishers anticipate the need to minimize their workforce. This could magnify the pressure on publishers in a landscape where maintaining consumer connections is paramount. Further resources and investment will be essential to developing new data strategies, so publishers can provide users with a quality digital experience while also continuing to be able to drive revenues.”

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