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How Marketers and Publishers are Building a Next-Generation Tech Stack

Winning and retaining customers is the strategic focus of any marketer or publisher. And it’s clear that data is the winning formula. Eighty percent of marketing leaders cite data, analytics and insights as key to finding new business and keeping it. While nearly 100 percent cite direct access to customer data as a competitive advantage. 

We know data is key for marketers and publishers in 2023 and beyond. But how are they building this strategy into their technology investments? 

According to our Beyond the Cookie 3 research, where Lotame commissioned a market research and insights platform to survey over 1,400 marketers and publishers around the world, 44 percent of respondents currently use a customer data management platform (CDP) as part of their marketing stack, with an equal amount planning to build or buy the capabilities in the next year or more.

When it comes to adtech and martech stacks, marketers and publishers are most keen on investing in data management and marketing automation platforms. Similarly, DMPs and CDPs are the least likely adtech and martech technologies that industry professionals are planning to retire.

What are the use cases of these technology platforms? And where do data clean rooms fit in? How does the industry feel about this new and trending tech, and what percentage of marketers and publishers plan to build its use into their adtech stack? 

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