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Under the Hood with Michel Benjamin

June 7, 2017

This week’s under the hood post is featuring Lotame’s Director of Corporate Marketing, Michel Benjamin. This ad-tech marketing trailblazer has been with the company for 7 whopping years, and has watched the company grow tremendously. Let’s learn a little more about Michel!

Where did you work previously to Lotame?

I started at an advertising agency based out of Chapel Hill, NC many years ago as a media buyer, and have held various marketing positions throughout the years covering basically every aspect of marketing from advertising to writing and editing to event planning.

How has your position at Lotame evolved over the years?

I was hired in 2010 to support Andy Monfried as his assistant, and I am happy to report that he is the most low-maintenance CEO I have ever come in contact with. He is fun, down-to-earth, smart, and for the most part requires very little “support”. A few months into joining Lotame I started helping out on the marketing team planning events, and over the years have had a hand in many different aspects of marketing here. Currently,  I have finally settled into corporate marketing. I am the Director of Corporate Marketing, so I am part of the larger marketing team and directly responsible for our PR, messaging, and website.

Lotame, along with the industry, has evolved as well. What major differences do you see now compared to when you started?

After almost 7 years at Lotame I’ve seen the company go through many changes. When I started we were still running the media business, which was shut down in 2011. I’ve seen our DMP customer base grow from the very first customer to over 200 companies around the world, and I’ve seen our international employees grow from the very first sales rep in the UK to a now truly global team supporting clients in 30 countries. It has been an amazing transformation.

How has marketing changed as Lotame has grown globally?

For several years the marketing team at Lotame consisted of only 2 people, but as our client base has grown we have had to grow our team as well. We now have to deal with an entirely new set of problems – like translating our marketing materials, and changing our messaging to speak to different geographical audiences. There is never a dull day, and we are always solving new challenges which keeps us all on our toes.

We’ve also had to figure out a way to communicate cohesively with all of our 150 employees around the globe, so that folks in Singapore and India and London – wherever they are – feel like they are still part of the larger team and are in the know. So last year we started a Friday Roundup newsletter where we feature updates from employees around the world – wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing. It’s also a place where employees can give shout-outs to their peers for doing excellent work. In terms of corporate marketing, it’s been a great communication vehicle and our employees seem to like seeing what everyone is up to.  

What is the environment like at Lotame?

I have worked for many different CEOs and leaders, and after finding my home at Lotame, I truly understand the benefit of working for a great company and a great boss. Most of us spend so much of our lives at work, and working for someone who treats you well can have a really positive impact on your outlook on life. Having been on both ends of the spectrum (working for really great and really not great bosses) – Lotame is top of the line and I genuinely enjoy working with my team – which is rare and also really awesome.

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

When I was in 3rd grade, I won a summer book report contest and was on Good Morning America along with a few dozen other winners from around Virginia. They taped it a few weeks in advance, and the day it was going to share my whole family gathered around the TV and hit record on the VCR to tape it. This was obviously before digital…and now I don’t have a VCR but I know my mom is still holding on to that tape to show to my kids someday.