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Under The Hood With Madeline Rich

This week’s “Under the Hood” is with Madeline Rich, Lotame’s VP of Professional Services!

You’ve been with Lotame for quite some time. Tell us about how your role here has evolved over the years and what you are doing now.

Yes, I am approaching my 10th Anniversary and my journey with Lotame remains interesting, challenging and fun, and I think that is why I have enjoyed such longevity here. When I first started at Lotame we didn’t even have an office in NYC. I spent my time educating anyone who would listen at agencies and brands about social data and audience targeting.

Several years later I was given the opportunity to take on Marketing alongside Michel Benjamin for a true “on the job training” experience. In such a short time I learned so much more about event planning, PR, marketing software, partnerships, creative, messaging, product marketing and overall communications. I also learned that data truly does drive marketing decisions!  In both Sales and Marketing roles one thing I loved the most was interacting with and advocating for customers, so when Zach Boisi joined Lotame to build out and lead the Customer Success Team I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it.

What are you doing now as VP of Professional Services?

We formed the professional services team because we realize that sometimes data management requires additional assistance that extends beyond a client’s core contract. Whether it is helping to identify a new resource or training up a new team member, the Professional Services Team works directly with our clients to meet their DMP operational needs and enhance DMP skills and knowledge across their team. Our goal is to teach our clients to become DMP experts, and guide them to success with their data.

Is there a “typical day” in your current role?

Besides waking up to my 3 rescue dogs requesting the day to begin at 4:37am and guaranteed traffic between NJ and NYC, there is nothing typical about my days at Lotame and that is why I love it! I have the opportunity to collaborate with team members across the organization and participate in conversations with members of Sales, Data, Client Success, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Product and our customers. Each one of those conversations is unique because every person and business is driven by different metrics and motivations.

What did you do before joining Lotame?

Before joining Lotame and following my life at Advertising.com (circa 2002), my husband and I started a business of our own – Quikteks. Instead of selling advertising on computers, we focused on supporting businesses using computers. My husband led sales, operations, hiring and building out and refining the business model, and I was able to focus on early marketing efforts and new customer acquisition. 15 years later I am proud to say that my husband has built a well respected and successful business technology support company. By far my most important accomplishment prior to joining Lotame is co-founding The Rich Tribe which consists of a 13yr old daughter, 10 yr old son, 3 handsome dogs and a strong marriage.

What do you enjoy most about working at Lotame?

What I enjoy most about working at Lotame is the culture and people I get to be with each and every day. We are truly a family all working toward the same goal.  Although we have grown to become a global leader in DMP, our CEO is still approachable which also makes Lotame a special place to work.

You work directly with a lot of our clients. What do you think is most important for a client to be successful with their DMP?  

Without a doubt 3 things – ownership, dedication and collaboration.

DMP is not a magic machine that you install, press play and money comes out. At Lotame we do all that we can to help our clients be successful. From the very kick-off call, we are focused on finding people on the client side who will own the data management platform and strategy, dedicate time to planning, educating and evangelizing and collaborating with our teams to drive continuous growth along the customer maturity model.

What do you do when you’re not at Lotame?

When I am not at Lotame I am working hard at home learning how to develop emotionally intelligent people who make good choices, and I work to make sure they stay busy and exposed to new things so they can discover their passions. Depending upon the season, I can be found at Football, Lacrosse, Wrestling, or Horseback Riding cheering my kids on, or in my car making sure everyone gets to where they need to go. I like to say If I could start a business around “kid logistics” I would be a multi-billionaire. I can also be found walking my dogs, trying to figure out how to plan and prepare nutritious snacks and meals for my family and pondering how to squeeze in a workout…10 years later I am still pondering that.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Yes, here are two: I think Youtube Star Logan Paul is a super smart business man in the making  – he really knows how to take advantage of new media. Also, I love being near water or in the woods as much as possible, but I am allergic to pollen.