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Under the Hood with Lotame’s Tyler Blot

January 25, 2017

This week’s “Under the Hood” employee interview is with Tyler Blot Lotame’s newest addition to the Strategic Client Engagement team! 

You recently switched roles at Lotame, tell us about it. 

As a Strategic Client Engagement Manager, my main focus is to drive solution adoption within Lotame’s client base outside of the core DMP. My particular focus at the moment is on Lotame Syndicate, aiTV, and Audience Optimizer. The goal is to help our clients develop new monetization strategies via the utilization of our solutions.

My transition over from the Sales Development Team has been a great learning experience. I’ve been able to gain a deeper understanding of our technology and the real world use cases that Lotame provides to our clients to positively impact their businesses. Every day presents a new challenge, which definitely keeps things exciting.

Which of the Lotame products are you most excited about at the moment?

Syndicate! This solution is taking up the majority of my focus right now. What excites me about Lotame Syndicate is that it remedies several issues for both sides of the market. The sell side is able to capitalize on a new monetization strategy, and the buy side is able to gain access to premium 2nd-party data as a means of differentiation and augmentation. The beauty of all of this is that these transactions take place in a seamless, secure, and transparent environment that caters to the bespoke needs of each side of a given transaction.

How do you feel about working at Lotame?

All in all, working at Lotame has been a great experience. I’ve been given the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, and a lot of that is due to the culture here. Knowing that I have the trust of my coworkers keeps me motivated on a daily basis to be a catalyst for company growth.

How important are your relationships with clients in this new position?

Being able to cultivate and foster positive relationships with Lotame’s clients is paramount. The most important aspect of my day-to-day job is building trust among our clients to help them achieve their strategic business initiatives. Without that trust, it can be challenging to drive adoption of Lotame’s solutions.

Where do you see Lotame in the next five years?

The AdTech/MarTech industry was drastically different five years ago compared to today, and if history is any indicator, it will be drastically different five years from now. That said, I believe Lotame is well positioned to continuously adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the market. In the near term, I think that the utilization of 2nd-party data will become a primary component to use cases for our clients, which fits nicely with the rampant growth of programmatic.

Longer term, I see Lotame becoming a force within the TV ecosystem. Our aiTV solution provides a solid foundation for growth within the linear landscape, which I believe will change the way TV advertising is planned, bought, and potentially even measured.

If you had one bit of advice for someone new to the AdTech industry, what would it be?

Stay current on market trends/innovations, and embrace change. Coming from the TV ad sales world to my career in Adtech has taught me that you need to be adaptable. You need to be diligent and put in the extra work to stay knowledgeable to serve as a resource for your company and clients.  

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

About 3 years ago, I picked up golf as a hobby and fell in love with the game. Having gone to school in North Carolina, I wish I had the foresight to start playing sooner when it was widely accessible. Now I try to get out on the course every chance I get.

Tyler Blot