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Under the Hood with Hayley Bradway

November 10, 2017

This weeks Under the Hood features Hayley Bradway, Lotames Director of Product Marketing. When Hayley isn’t creating Go-To-Market strategies for the Lotame product and marketing teams, you will probably find her running marathons and sneaking away for a weekend with her family on Lake George!

Tell us about your role with Lotame? What is your day to day like at Lotame? Tell us about your awesome Product Marketing team 🙂

I joined Lotame as the Director of Product Marketing about three months ago.  The Lotame Product Marketing team is currently a team of two – myself and Haley Adam. Haley has been with Lotame two years now and has been a wealth of knowledge as I have been getting ramped up. We work within the larger Marketing team, and closely with our Product team. Our clients are our main focus. We are constantly working across teams and amongst each other to bring innovative and cutting-edge solutions to market.

Where did you work prior to Lotame?  How is Lotame different than previous roles? Why did you choose to work at Lotame?

I started in this industry at Millennial Media, and eventually became an AOL employee when Millennial Media was acquired. In this time I had the opportunity to work with people who were great to work with, and taught me a lot about the industry. At Millennial Media and AOL Product Marketing focused on a wide range of solutions from video creative, VR, attribution, media, and data. Lotame’s focus on data enables me to go deeper in a specific solution.  It has been a rewarding shift in focus.

My interest in working at Lotame started with a genuine interest in what they offer as well as their reputation in the industry. I knew it was somewhere I wanted to be once I started the process and had a chance to spend more time talking with the team. The people were incredibly open, honest, creative, collaborative and passionate about what they do. It’s a great team and I’m excited to be a part of what we’re building.

Being fairly new at Lotame, how would you describe the ramp-up time here? What about the marketing team? What are your first impressions of working at Lotame?

There is a lot to learn.  I have been here three months now and I would say I have just begun to navigate the complexity between the dynamic space and our solutions. The first few months, in fact, I felt like the person who asks plot questions during a live episode of Game of Thrones;  “so the dragons are her children?”…”wait, they are brother and sister???”. However, I am lucky that Lotame is filled with the type of people that will pause the show and give you the background, explain theories, and make sure you are up to speed.


Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I have worked many odd jobs before starting my career in marketing – ice cream truck driver, Dunkin Donuts donut maker, landscaper, flower delivery driver (leveraged my experience as an ice cream truck driver to get this one), tour guide, hair washer, and event planner.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Chase my 10-month old around the house (which is actually much more fun than it sounds when I write it). Try to find ways to keep him busy, have fun, and give him the tools needed to become a curious, positive, contributing member of society. I run, bike, workout, and occasionally make really bad documentary films (think of a low-budget version of Inside the Actors Studio, featuring my Grandma). Hang out with my family on Lake George in upstate New York. Find a quiet place to read a book alone which can be a challenge with a 10-month old.