Under the Hood with Haley Adam

June 30, 2017

This week’s Under the Hood is with Haley Adam, Lotame’s Product Marketing guru. When she isn’t writing content for our website, Haley is sitting on both the Product and Marketing teams, mapping out our product roadmaps to ensure they are successful!

What is your role at Lotame? What did you do before joining Lotame?

I am on the Product Marketing team here at Lotame but I help out with a lot of corporate, event, and sales marketing as well. I guess you would say our Marketing team is full of members who are “jack of all trades” employees. Before Lotame? Sitting in a classroom 🙂 I just graduated from college when I heard about Lotame and interviewed for the Product Marketing Assistant position. Now I am coming up on two years with the company, and absolutely love it here.

You seem to have a lot of jobs. How do you keep them all straight? Do you have a favorite aspect of your job?

Ha..I don’t know if I do, honestly. I keep a running document of everything I am working on and make sure to update it on a weekly basis to see my progress. Lists are everything in the working world. If you don’t make them, please do so. Favorite aspect? At the beginning I liked the technical side of my writing here at Lotame, but as I have learned more, I look back and remember where I was starting out, and realized that we need more training. I have written many “Back to Basics” blogs for the corporate website, and have found that I enjoy that style of writing the most.

How have you changed as a person since joining Lotame?

As collaborative as marketing may be here at Lotame, and as much as I love working on a team (as kickass as mine), I have found that I have become much more independent in my work nature. I used to depend, heavily, on the people around me to point me in the right direction, but having joined Lotame has helped given me the confidence to trust my own knowledge and roll with the punches.

What do you like best about working at Lotame?

That is a really hard question. I think that, of course, the environment here is like nothing I have seen before. We have a very flat structure here where you can feel comfortable talking to anybody in the company, regardless of their rank. If we strip away the environment, although, I have come to find that the amount of information I have learned in the almost two years I have been here is astounding. I NEVER imagined I would be working in the Ad-tech industry when I was looking for jobs right out of college, but here I am….working on the Product Marketing team, and learning more and more everyday.

If you weren’t working at Lotame, and could do anything in the world, what would you be doing?

Definitely working for a non-profit or with children. That, or a professional dog walker  😉 I can’t decide…

Tell us something we don’t know about you?  

I already touched on this a little bit, but back in college I ran an account team called “Embrace A Child in Tanzania”, where we raised money for orphans in Karagwe to help place them with a new family, put them through school, and buy them necessary clothing to lead a normal life. Many of these orphans lost their parents to HIV/AIDs; some were left to take care for the rest of their siblings. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and, for a while now, I have been saving up to go and finally visit the town that I helped raise all this money for. Stay tuned.

What’s your super-power?

Not sure I have one. Or do I? Well, if I could have one, it would definitely be to travel through time. I would love to be a fly on the wall during some really cool era’s. On a serious note though, I am Super Woman.