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Under the Hood with Evgeny Popov

September 25, 2017

This week’s Under the Hood is featuring Lotame’s Senior Director, Data Solutions (APAC), Evgeny Popov. While managing and growing Lotame’s demand-side business, Evgeny is also in charge of data acquisition and strategic partnerships to support the APAC operational aspects of our Lotame Data Exchange.

How has your position at Lotame evolved throughout the years?

I started with Lotame just over two years ago, however it feels like a lifetime ago. Although I joined Lotame as a solutions architect on the DMP side out of Sydney, my role morphed into the data space fairly rapidly. I’m currently managing the data business across Asia Pacific based out of Singapore, with fifteen markets on the radar. Data is the currency, the connecting tissue that ties together all aspects of our ecosystem, thus making the role very dynamic and challenging at the same time. The velocity of disruption and constant change makes it the most exciting part. While data touches the whole spectrum of “digital” you must always build new skills to remain competitive and to keep up with this constant evolution.

What is your day to day like here at Lotame?

My day is definitely unique and very special in a way. I typically start very early to connect with the New York team before they finish for the day (the time difference between Singapore and NYC is 12 hours). While I have an opportunity for a break in the late afternoon, I resume work at 8pm to catch my team as they get up in the morning. The rest of the day is filled with agency meetings, data brief responses and evaluation of new data suppliers to join Lotame’s Data Exchange in Asia Pacific. I’m fortunate to work in multiple markets in Asia, which are very unique in their own way culturally and how they conduct business overall. Lotame just started its data operations in Japan, and I’m very excited to see how it develops further, with South Korea and Taiwan to follow.

Where did you work prior to Lotame?

Prior to Lotame, I worked for a range of companies, from enterprise giants like Microsoft to my very own startup eCoffeeCard. I’ve spent more than a decade in AdTech, moving from sell to buy side and taking few roles with tech vendors in between. That being said, my true passion was always an alliance with innovation and technology, which I expressed and channelled via a thought-leadership event hosted in Sydney – AdTech MeetUp. I founded it back in 2014 and it’s been an absolute pleasure watching it grow into a well recognised brand among the industry with more than 1,200 members to date.

Tell us a little bit about your role with the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

I joined the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in Sydney in 2014 as part of the technology advisory board, aiming to help the industry by shaping the standards and building governance around AdTech initiatives. Since I’ve moved to Singapore, my focus shifted along with my involvement at IAB, where I was appointed as a co-chair of the Programmatic committee. As part of the program we’ve delivered a myriad of content, events and thought leadership pieces touching on Fraud & AdBlocking, Brand Safety, Viewability and Cross-Device topics.

You just attended DMEXCO 2017 with a couple other members from the Lotame team. How was that event?

DMEXCO is my favorite conference of the year, hands down! I’m not sure if it’s influenced by German precision and work ethic, which resonates with me the most or simply due to the volume of companies present with a limited time to conduct business. Either way, there is no fluff about this event, everyone is attending with the single purpose to strike deals and build relationships, which works very well in Ad+MarTech. Lotame had a great team present this year, handling more than seven concurrent meetings at the same time, which just shows you the level of intensity this convention has to offer. We had 150+ meetings over two days, with an enormous volume of walk-ins. Gratitude to our wonderful Marketing team for building and positioning the Lotame booth in the middle of Hall 7.

Where do you see Lotame headed in the next three years?

Data. Data. Data – it’s everywhere, and it’s not going away. Instead it’s going to grow even at the faster pace with IoT maturity and further development of AI. The next three years will be simply revolutionary. AI is very disruptive, and its impact on the data clouds will be to raise the value of identity and cross-channel automation, which will be powered by DMP. Lotame’s role will be paramount in stitching all data points together and moving towards single identity management as opposed to cookie or mobile ID methodology.

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I moved to Australia in 2001 to complete an Operations Research postgraduate degree at UTS (University of Technology Sydney). While mostly working on probabilistic scheduling models, ant colony optimisation was definitely a highlight. Lastly, the daily mantra I live by can be summarised with these simple words: Wisdom is knowing the right path to take… Integrity is taking it.”

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