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How Greenlight Digital Increased CTR 162% for Retail Campaign

March 15, 2018

Greenlight Digital, a leading full-service marketing agency based out of the UK, was hired by a leading retailer to increase sales over Black Friday weekend. They wanted to retarget previous customers with a new set of ads to increase engagement and drive online and offline sales.

Working with Lotame’s data management platform, Greenlight was able to identify and reach their target audience, and also find those most likely to engage with the messaging.

Hear from Greenlight’s Hannah Kimuyu, Director of Paid Media and Data Science & Audience Insights, and Wojciech Bednarz, Data & Insights Senior Strategy Manager, who were our keynote speakers at Lotame’s 2017 Ignite EUROPE Conference in London. Here’s a video of their presentation:

Learn how they put Lotame’s DMP to use to increase CTR 162% and increase ROI 270%! Fill out the form below to access the case study:

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