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Greenlight Digital Builds Custom Dashboards for Internal Audience Insights

December 15, 2017

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Greenlight Digital is an award-winning, fully integrated digital agency based out of London that marries data and creativity to deliver valuable growth to clients across all digital touchpoints. They design, build, deploys and measure marketing solutions and campaigns across Search, Social, Display, Mobile, eCommerce, and more, with the unwavering objective of achieving dramatic growth for its clients. They’re so focused on growth for their clients that they refer to themselves as a digital growth agency!

Since partnering with Lotame in late 2016, they have used the data management platform (DMP) to collect data across their customers’ sites to profile and better understand their target audience.

Hear from Greenlight’s Hannah Kimuyu, Director of Paid Media and Data Science & Audience Insights, and Wojciech Bednarz, Data & Insights Senior Strategy Manager, who were our keynote speakers at Lotame’s 2017 Ignite EUROPE Conference in London. Here’s a video of their presentation:


But, as with many new DMP customers, they wanted a way to increase awareness of the DMP internally and help their teams with campaign planning and content creation. They were looking for a way to share the valuable insights from the DMP across their agency, without forcing everyone to learn to navigate the DMP’s UI.

“We knew that we had extremely valuable data that we wanted to share throughout the agency and with our clients, ” said Wojciech Bednarz, Data & Insights Senior Strategy Manager, Greenlight Digital. “Building these custom dashboards with Lotame’s APIs has given us a simple, accessible way to offer instant access to the wealth of information we have about our audiences, which is a great value-add for our clients.”

The data superstars at Greenlight Digital found a solution, and worked with the Lotame team to create their own custom dashboards to share these audience insights across the agency. Learn how they did it by filling out the form below to download the case study!