Goby Increases CTR 90% with Second-Party Data

February 3, 2018

Goby is changing the way retailers, brands and marketers view and access data, by combining the power of search-based intent data with display advertising. They are paving the way to success with data-driven advertising, with the help of high-quality, niche second-party data sources.

Working with Lotame Syndicate, the leading second-party data marketplace, Goby was able to increase CTR for their campaigns 90%. Want to learn how they did it? Fill out this form to download the case study:

Lotame Syndicate is a product that powers the seamless and safe exchange of second-party data. With Lotame Syndicate, you can create a private data marketplace that gives you access to a rich new source of second-party data.

This means that data sellers can now sell their first-party data with complete transparency, while still being able to maintain control over pricing and other commercial terms. Meanwhile, data buyers can use this high-quality second-party data to target audiences not otherwise available, leading to improved campaign performance, and increased campaign size.

Syndicate offers two methods for accessing second-party data: either within the Lotame DMP between DMP clients, or directly through DSPs for greater reach. Since we at Lotame hang our hat on being 100% media agnostic, Syndicate is just another way that we offer our customers complete data portability. You can send your data to any other platform or ad server you need to connect to. No matter where you want to collect your data or send it for activation, Lotame is here to help make the process seamless.

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