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Go Pro with Lotame Professional Services

July 19, 2017

We’ve invested considerable time and effort to make the Lotame DMP as easy to use as possible, and our Client Success team provides ongoing technical and strategic support to help ensure that clients get the most out of their relationship with us.

But sometimes there are companies and use cases that need resources above and beyond even our highest support standards. Your DMP support plan gives you a foundation for success, but you may need a little extra help along the way. Our data management experts are on hand to help.

That’s why we created the Lotame Professional Services team. Lotame recognizes that sometimes Data Management requires additional assistance that extends beyond the contracted services provided by your core team. Whether it is helping to identify a new resource or training up a new team member, the Lotame Professional Services Team is here to help. Some of the services we offer include:

Core DMP Operations

Our DMP specialists are on hand to help make sure your account is set up and fully functional. Whether you’re just beginning or in need of a refresh, we’re available for anything from data categorization to hierarchy and audience creation, RFP response support, and general account cleanup. Let us maximize the proficiency of your DMP account.

Audience Insights & Campaign Optimization

Looking to maximize the insights and performance of your campaigns? Our data management specialists can set up your campaign insights tracking, and manage the creation of audience optimizer models to help you identify more of your target audience, to improve performance and drive results.

2nd Party Data Management

Second-party data is a great way to buy and sell first-party data either with other Lotame DMP clients or directly to the DSPs. If you don’t have the bandwidth to manage these relationships, Lotame’s Professional Services team can help with audience building, management, and even matchmaking to help you find the right company to share data with.

Data Strategy

We’ve been around the block, and we’ve helped hundreds of companies increase ROI and turn their data into a goldmine. When you need strategic advice, our team is available to consult with you on new business pitches, data monetization, go-to-market strategy, and partner evaluation.

At the end of the day, it is our goal at Lotame to make your team self-sufficient with the Lotame DMP. We live and breathe DMP all day every day, and so in turn, we have the tools and knowledge to make you as successful as you can possibly be. Our team will collaborate with you to understand where your DMP needs may require additional support and we will put together a proposal that is right for you.

Why Use Lotame Professional Services?

  • Meet Your Immediate DMP Operational Needs
  • Enhance DMP Skills & Knowledge Across Team
  • Tap Into Talented Data Management Experts
  • Data Management Mentoring

To learn more and receive your own custom Lotame Professional Services proposal, please contact ps@lotame.com.