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The Value of a DMP and What a Consumer-Based ROI Approach Can Tell Us

February 9, 2017

In the previous article, “Are DMPs Worth It? Exploring Alternative ROI for Publishers“, we explored options where your data is formed into audiences and provided to benefit buyers through ad serving, but is  there any benefit of this data to yourself?

Value from data and from a DMP isn’t necessary quantifiable. For a publisher, when a sale is made to an advertiser, it’s not difficult to see the tangible revenue metrics. Mapping inherent value of data for personal use, however, is not always so easy.

Consumer Insights from a DMP

Your DMP should provide the ability to understand audience overlap with the raw first- and third-party data available in the platform. This will provide key insights into how your users behave. If your DMP doesn’t offer such insights, try inquiring whether a custom query can be run (by the DMP or yourself) such that similar results are obtained.

Through the previous publisher use-cases of the direct sales-based ROI type, you will have built out several interest-, intent-, and/or demo-based audiences. These are helpful to understand overlap from, as it will help your ad sales team tell a more complete story to the advertiser differentiating your users and your data from market competitors.

But, to add another layer, try building out audiences based on your site visitors (site, section, or URL) or specific site interactions (watch videos, shared content, filled out forms, logged in, etc.). Running an overlap report on these types of audiences with first- and third-party data will provide an incredible wealth of interest, demo, and potentially intent data against your site consumers that may not have been known or even hinted at previously.

For instance, an audience of users who watched videos at least 3 times in the last 5 days might show that 70% are men, 40% are age 25-34, 35% are interested in sports, and 20% are in-market for automobiles (as well as overlaps with all other data points)! These are powerful insights.

Imagine how the marketing team can use such insights to adjust how they approach potential content consumers, or the sales team working with new advertisers in verticals previously untapped. The limit of the uses of your audiences is only capped by your imagination!


By Hunter Terry, Technical Solutions Architect, Lotame