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DMP Playbook for Agencies

January 13, 2017

Data management platforms are awesome, and also rather complicated. Once your agency has adopted this powerful technology to run digital campaigns and gather additional insights into your target audience, it is important to understand how much potential the DMP has to offer. This is why Lotame created the DMP Playbook for Agencies – to serve as a powerful guide of strategies and tactics your team can use for DMP success.

In the world of digital advertising and programmatic marketing, data has grown exponentially in both volume and importance. The use of large data sets in predicting outcomes, understanding audiences and breaking down media silos is more widespread now than ever before. We have entered an era of data-driven marketing campaigns focused on audience engagement and one-to-one brand experiences.

At the heart of this data revolution sits the data management platform (DMP), a powerful¬†technology, focused on collecting, managing and activating data. DMPs give clients the ability to centralize and manage their customers’ databases, analyze their marketing efforts, inform content management systems, and power advertising platforms.

As specialists in media execution, advertising agencies are increasingly finding themselves consulting with marketers on their use and utilization of DMP technology, and are being relied upon more and more to plan, activate and optimize audience campaigns on behalf of their customers.

Data management platforms are used by agencies around the globe to collect data from any source on behalf of themselves as well as their brand clients, but what to do with that audience data once it is collected and organized is where the fun starts.

This playbook is a step-by-step guide to deploying DMP technology, reviewing the core functions of the DMP, and the common use cases observed within an agency context. To access this PDF, fill out the form below!

Whether you are a current DMP user or just getting started, this guide will help you ensure that you are getting the maximum value from your data management platform. Download the DMP Playbook, to help your agency ensure a smooth start to your DMP with some quick wins.