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AMP Agency Increases Cross-Device Engagement 250%

November 20, 2018

Throughout the years, AMP Agency has morphed from a non-traditional marketing agency into a full-service shop, focusing on the business challenges that matter most. Their mission is to create unfair competitive advantage for clients through progressive data activations and a relentless focus on the consumer journey.

To continue advancing their data strategy, AMP turned to Lotame’s data management platform to help them collect, organize, analyze, and activate audience data on behalf of their advertiser clients, to increase campaign accuracy and engagement. And because they wanted to be able to reach the right audience at the right time on the right screen, they needed a solution to reach consumers across devices – whenever they were ready to engage with relevant advertisements and offers.

For one recent pet care campaign, AMP used the audience data and insights available from Lotame’s DMP, tied it to Lotame’s cross-device technology, and used these cross-screen metrics to send appropriate ads to consumers. They focused on reaching pet owners when they were near actual brick-and-mortar pet stores and might be in-market for some pet supplies.

Learn how they were able to put their audience data to use and increase cross-device consumer engagement 250%! Fill out the form below to access the case study and learn more!

Looking for more information on how cross-device technology works? Check out our whitepaper for more details:

Cross Device Whitepaper