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What is a Real-Time DMP?

As consumers are increasingly discovering new ways to ingest and interact with content across screens and devices, search and social channels have become an integral part of driving website traffic. Consumers are spending less time on individual sites, and instead, just snacking on specific content. Marketers and publishers need a tool to help them identify consumers as soon as they hit their site, so they can customize the content and messaging that is shown to each person, in the hopes of increasing engagement, time on site, and pageviews. How is this possible? With a real-time DMP.

What is a Real-Time DMP?

A Real-Time DMP is a powerful technology that activates audience segments in real-time when a consumer takes the action of visiting your site for the first time. In other words, from the moment a consumer visits for site, users are automatically categorized into the appropriate audience buckets based on the rules of your site, which can be used to show the correct content and messaging to that person.

By capturing a consumer’s behavior and intent in-session and right from the start, publishers and brands are able to personalize their content and provide more direct and targeted advertising based off of that first-impression visit, all at a faster pace.

Benefits of a Real-Time DMP:

  • Increase audience size and programmatic revenues by identifying consumers immediately
  • Improve ad targeting with accurate information
  • Show relevant content and offers to each audience
  • Increase time on site, pageviews, and content engagement
  • Monetize pass-through traffic on the first visit

Why Real-Time Matters:

  • Increase audience size by capturing data on the first visit
  • Produce niche segments at scale by collecting data from the first visit
  • Provide personalized content to increase time spent, from the first contact
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your audiences from the first click  
  • Capture and target users all in one session