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Did You Know: Lotame Offers Parent/Child Accounts?

From day one, DMPs have been able to help marketers collect data from a number of different sources and organize that data for a holistic view of their consumers.

If you are a global brand or advertiser who owns MULTIPLE accounts and need a way to silo your data sets into different account structures, Lotame’ DMP offers a unique data organization structure, known as “parent/child accounts” which allows a “a parent account”, to define and separate data assets between their brands.

So why would you need this structure?

Let’s say you are the parent company of several small brands. Or, let’s say you’re an agency with many clients. Or, a publisher with many different publications. These brands, clients or publications exist as subsidiaries under your advertising umbrella, and you manage ALL of their data through the Lotame DMP.

That’s a massive amount of data that you need to be categorized and organized in order to provide a detailed look into each subset.

Our parent/child structure can be utilized to silo data assets, accessed with one simple login, from one brand to the next, while still providing total data access to you, the parent company, to facilitate global analysis and data activation, as well as cross-sales!

Some companies that could really benefit from this account structure range from the following:

  • Global companies with local subsidiaries
  • Companies managing multiple brands
  • Agencies managing the data of multiple clients
  • AND publishers or networks managing multiple websites

Are you interested in learning more about Lotame’s Parent/Child Account structure? Feel free to reach out to us at info@lotame.com for more information!