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Data Quality

Lotame is leading the charge to increase data quality across the industry

New Report: Audience Data Quality

The New State of Audience Data: Accuracy Matters report provides insights into the minds of marketers responsible for programmatic advertising in the U.S. to uncover key trends, behaviors, concerns and decisions being made around purchasing and/or using audience data (1st, 2nd, or 3rd-party). The goal is to better understand the industry-wide challenges and opportunities currently tied to the quality of data fueling data-driven marketing campaigns. The result: marketers want more demographic data — but only if it’s high quality. View the full Research Report.

The Need for Data Quality

Ten years ago, data targeting was novel, and attractive to both marketers and publishers. It created value out of remnant inventory for media companies, and created more actionable online inventory for marketers. This novelty drove interest. This interest drove the need for more scale.

Today, scale is a given, and marketers are starting to focus more on the quality of data. Lotame is leading the charge to answer this call for increased data quality. Our team of data scientists have been working for  two years to create a new wave of high-quality data that exceeds typical industry benchmarks, and improves the accuracy of targeting as well as audience measurement.

Data Quality in Targeting

Lotame’s exclusive Precision Audiences exceeds industry on-target benchmarks for world-class targeting and insights for our clients. Created with our proprietary curation and verification process, Lotame Precision Data provides our clients with the quality data needed to reach their customers and make better business decisions. These audience segments are available in over 20 countries and exceed industry benchmarks by up to 100%. Learn More

Data Quality in Measurement

Our continued focus on data quality carries over into the analytics available inside Lotame’s DMP, as an increased emphasis on quality leads to more accurate audience insights. This means Lotame’s platform clients can increase buying efficiencies and reduce wasted ad spend, while exceeding KPIs and gaining an exclusive advantage using precise on-target data.

Memberships & Affiliations

Lotame is working with leading industry groups and partners to create the most trusted data ecosystem possible. Lotame is a member of the IAB’s Data Council, which created the Data Center for Excellence’s “Data Maturity Model for Digital Advertising”. Our SVP & GM of Lotame Data Solutions sits on the board of the IAB’s Data Center for Excellence, and Lotame has been verified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group.

Lotame Client Videos on Data Quality and Accuracy - Watch Now!

Lotame supports publishers and marketers in their journey for increased data quality. Watch two short videos (Accuracy Matters & A Data Quality Revolution), as they uncover a new level of accuracy for targeting and audience measurement and Lotame’s approach to data quality. Plus, hear from Lotame clients that use Precision Data as well as winning results!

Want to Learn More?

We know that data quality is an issue near and dear to your hearts, and we’d love to talk more. Whether you would like more information on how you can access our new Precision Audiences, or would like a demo of our platform, or just have general questions, fill out the form below to get in touch with us.