Is Your Data Protected?

April 10, 2016

Audience data is one of your most valuable and vital assets. Protecting it should be a top priority. Unknown or unauthorized software code and tracking technologies deployed during the ad serving process or embedded on web pages can result in off-site re-targeting of your users, revenue loss and potentially major privacy issues.

At Lotame we address these issues head on by offering an industry-leading data protection tool as part of our core data management platform (DMP).

Our data protection tool continuously monitors your ad tags and web pages to capture and report on any type of software code that is being downloaded to visitors’ browsers or computers. You have complete control over what to scan, when, and from where, and the product does not require extra pixels to implement or add any additional latency to your digital properties.

Violation notifications can be delivered by instant email alert or through daily or weekly reports. These reports reveal all 3rd party tags firing across your digital properties as well as response times for each tag, giving you the ability to easily identify, optimize or remove tags that may be causing latency. The reports also identify if any partner is firing tags without your permission, and whether these additional tags are collecting data without your consent. Specific metrics available through these reports include:

1. 3rd party tag names
2. Latency (response time to render tags on the page)
3. Information on any cookies that are being dropped by the tags
4. Information on any PII being collected through the tags
5. Details on whether the tags are being fired directly or via another tag on the page

Get complete piece of mind, retain control over your data, protect your website visitors and ensure regulatory compliance with an industry-leading data protection tool. Find out more by contacting us today.