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Data Management Staffing – Who is the DMP Owner?

A question we often hear, is: “What human resources do I need to make available on my end to ensure data success?”

Depending on the size of your organization, we recommend a minimum of one person who “owns” the DMP internally. If you do not have someone within the organization that fits the below description, it is recommended you hire someone.

Who is the DMP Owner?

  • This person or team’s role should not include other major responsibilities such as Ad Operations, Account Management, Marketing, Trafficking & Optimization or Reporting & Analytics.
  • This person/team should work directly with these departments to execute DMP related initiatives.
  • Primary responsibilities should include: building and packaging audiences in response to RFPs, building pre-sales materials based on audience profiles/insights, increasing usage of audiences month over month, maximizing 1st party data collection across all properties/devices, testing new DMP products/tools, bringing new products to sales to sell, optimizing campaigns.
  • Ideal candidate will be both tech savvy and client facing. Understanding and interpreting the capabilities and value of a DMP can be challenging, and is becoming more complex. Sales will need help, especially in the beginning. Having someone client facing will increase the rate of adoption and can enhance the pitch by bringing a “data specialist” to the table.

DMP Users

In addition to the DMP Owner, there will likely be many other people across your organization who will have access to the data management platform for a variety of uses.

Executive Sponsor(s):

  • For Publishers, often the executive sponsor is a Senior Ad Ops member. For Marketers it is a Product Manager.
  • Ideally they work closely with Technology to share ownership of the DMP. The result is more effective identification and execution of data-driven initiatives.
  • The Executive Sponsor should manage the power user(s) of the platform.


  • Some clients allow sellers to login to the DMP to demonstrate the power of the platform via demos in meetings.
  • Alternatively, a Sales Strategy Desk can be established to support sales. These members become the power users of the platform and accompany sales to demo the platform.
  • Lotame can customize UI roles to restrict sales users to reporting access only. We can also grant audience building access, while restricting them from saving an audience to avoid build up of “junk.”

Other Power Users:

  • Tech resources that manage the APIs, monitor the tags on the pages, along with data collection.
  • Ad Ops or Account Managers categorize new data, build audiences in response to RFPs, create campaign tracking pixels for Insights, optimize campaigns and create lookalike segments for scale or to improve performance.
  • Marketing and Analytics to enhance reporting and sales materials.