The Leading Independent Data Management Platform

Collect, organize, activate, and analyze your data with Lotame's DMP.

Lotame's data management platform (DMP) was built to deliver measurable value for marketers, agencies and publishers. This value is unlocked through a powerful set of interlinked solutions that enable you to maximize effectiveness at every stage of your data strategy.


Lotame’s DMP enables you to collect first-party data from across your sites, apps and ad campaigns. You can then combine this data with insights from your other first-party sources, such as email data or data housed in your CRM system. Our advanced rules-based data collection allows you to capture even the most granular data points so you can build a truly complete profile of your audiences.


As it is collected, your first-party data will automatically flow into hierarchies within the platform. You can then use these hierarchies to create audience segments, selecting the specific demographics, interests and actions you want to target against. You can further enrich the audience segments you create by using third-party data gathered from our global data exchange.


Lotame is a fully media agnostic platform meaning that we don’t dictate which channels you use to activate your data. Instead, we have set up direct integrations with every major DSP, ad server, exchange and SSP. These integrations give you complete data portability and enable you to make the audience segments you build within the DMP instantly actionable.


Industry-leading analytics tools built into Lotame’s DMP enable you to uncover new insights into both the audience segments you create and the people who engage with your content or campaigns. The platform also includes a suite of manual and fully automated optimization tools. These tools can be used to add scale to your cross-screen campaigns as well as increase performance against your specific KPIs.


Unauthorized code deployed during ad serving or embedded on your web pages can result in off-site retargeting of your users, revenue loss and serious privacy issues. You can defend your revenue and reputation through data protection tools built into Lotame's DMP. These tools give you real-time, auditable records of all data activity through a non-intrusive and easy to use monitoring service.


Lotame Syndicate is a private marketplace that powers the secure exchange of first-party data. With Lotame Syndicate, you can handpick marketers or publishers that you want to exchange data with. You can select exactly which segments you want to share, how long you want to share them for, and whether you want to charge for access to them. Lotame Syndicate will enable you to access rich second-party data not available in the open marketplace.