The World's Data At Your Fingertips

Lotame's third-party data exchange offers rich, scalable data to supercharge your campaigns.

Lotame’s global data exchange provides you with instant access to over 8 billion data points across traditional web and mobile devices. We have captured granular data against these cookies and device IDs from around the world and packaged it into thousands of highly curated audience segments, which you can discover through the interactive map below. These segments are directly integrated within Lotame’s DMP as well as all of the major DSPs, exchanges, and other media platforms.


Delivering Global Reach

Branded Data Partnerships

In addition to our proprietary data exchange, Lotame also has direct integrations with over 30 of the world’s largest third-party data providers. DMP clients can leverage these integrations to access highly granular audience segments. By providing one central third-party data exchange, Lotame significantly streamlines the data acquisition process for clients and also provides valuable tools for de-duplicating and highlighting audience overlaps.