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Data Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Take the Express Train to ROI with Lotame

We know you have a lot of choices out there for your data solutions. With Lotame, you’ll not only get superior technology, but a true partner to help you navigate towards success. Lotame makes it simple: If you aren’t successful, then neither are we.

We’re focused on helping make the complex world of data easier for our clients. Companies around the world in every industry have left the big marketing clouds to work with Lotame because they simply weren’t getting the strategy and support they needed. With Lotame, you’ll find flexibility and support along every stop of your data journey. Here’s how we’ll get you where you need to go: 


At Lotame, we are firm believers in the combined power of people and technology. Our award-winning customer-first approach to data solutions gives you full end-to-end tactical support that ensures you profit from the time and energy you spend on your campaigns and other data-driven activities.


As your partner, the Lotame team will start by ensuring your team has a clear data strategy mapped out, so everyone is aligned on where we’re going and how to get there. Not sure where to start? No worries. Our team will lead the way. And Lotame Strategic Services is available for those clients who are looking for even more managed services & consulting.


We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all platform or approach, but instead work with you to offer unique solutions to fit your particular use case. We are focused on offering our clients excellent technology and the superior service required to make them work for you. No matter what your use case or how much hands-on help you need, Lotame can help get you where you’re going.


Collecting data inside the DMP is great, but we understand that every company wants to use that data in different ways, and in different places. Lotame’s technology is flexible and media-agnostic, so our clients can work with any of their preferred tech or media platforms, thanks to our many integrations with all major activation platforms, including ad servers, DSPs, SSPs and beyond. We also provide direct and unfettered access to our core API and billions of raw data points on which our platform runs.

"The high points for me in working with Lotame are without a doubt the service, training and attention we receive as a partner. I find the system easy to use and understand, and am pleased with the flexibility and integrations offered. Lotame is developing new innovations all the time, and they are honestly central to our data monetization strategy. "
David Domitrovic, Senior Sales Engineer, VerticalScope

Let’s take the express train to ROI

Lotame helps clients such as Hearst, Bloomberg, IBM, and OMG maximize the value of their data to see clear ROI and business gains through custom solutions, service and partnership. Lotame makes the complex world of data, easy. 

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