How to Target Audiences Across Screens with Lotame Cross-Device

November 26, 2017

Too much digital advertising today is executed in silos. Audiences are built across smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and campaigns are served across these devices with no clear understanding of audience overlap, and no way to effectively deliver sequential messaging. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising today, and it is a challenge that is tackled head on by Lotame’s Cross-Device technology.

Lotame Cross-Device determines relationships that exist between billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Through this patent-pending device graph technology, different devices can be mapped together, creating significant opportunities for advertisers and publishers. Lotame’s Cross-Device technology isn’t a bolt-on product – it’s a foundational enhancement to our core DMP, and one that will transform your data management strategy.

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Why Lotame Cross-Device


  • Billions of connected device IDs from around the world

Full DMP Integration:

  • Seamless cross device matching of your existing audience segments
  • No reliance on additional point solutions

Data Protection:

  • Your cross device audience segments will be protected and never shared

Media-Agnostic Solution:

  • No biases to the algorithm

Complete Data Portability:

  • Activate your cross-device segments through your chosen DSP or data exchange

Making the Match

Lotame’s Cross Device technology uses probabilistic and deterministic matching to create true, cross-screen audience segments.

Deterministic Matching

A deterministic (or direct) match is established when there is known information that connects different devices together, such as user login information. A consumer, for example, may login to a website to access certain features or content, and may also login to the same publisher’s mobile app to access content on the go. This login data, which is encrypted to strip it of any PII, can then be passed through the Lotame platform to establish a direct link between different devices.

Probabilistic Matching

Where known data linking devices isn’t available, probabilistic matching can be used as a powerful alternative. Probabilistic matching takes PII-free signals from different devices and uses statistical analysis to identify links between them. Over time, the algorithm analyzes enough signals, and sees enough patterns between them, to tie different devices together with a high degree of confidence.

Probabilistic algorithms require significant scale to make them effective and truly actionable. Lotame’s Cross-Device solution leverages more than three billion online cookies and almost a billion mobile device IDs. This scale has resulted in more than 3 billion connected IDs – a number that will continue to grow as the technology matures.

The Signals Underpinning Lotame Cross-Device

When it comes to probabilistic matching, it stands to reason that the more signals you have to leverage, the better the probability of establishing an accurate link between devices. Lotame’s Cross-Device solution analyzes three broad types of signals:

Consumption Signals
Such as IP address, location, day parts, and time stamp

Visitation Signals
Including frequency of visits and time between events

Device Signals
Such as device make, model, OS, screen size, and resolution

These signals are not mutually exclusive and are analyzed in aggregate to make device matches. Lotame’s probabilistic algorithm is dynamic in nature, constantly ingesting and analyzing new data points to refine and strengthen matches between different devices.

Lotame Cross Device

Adding Value to Your Data Strategy

Publisher Benefits of Cross-Device

  • Increase Revenue: Build more complete audience profiles by combining 1st and 3rd party data from multiple devices. Use these insights to increase CPMs and sell-through rates.
  • Improve Performance for Your Advertisers: Deliver sequential messaging across devices and target / retarget desktop audiences across mobile, and vice versa.
  • Improve Yield and Optimization: Apply global frequency caps across screens.
  • Increase Engagement and Stickiness: Personalize content and deliver custom user experiences based on actions from connected devices.

Advertiser Benefits of Cross-Device

  • Improve ROI: Build sequential brand stories across devices to engage your target audience and drive specific actions.
  • Maximize Data Investments:  Take third-party desktop segments and target those same audiences across mobile, significantly increasing your reach and maximizing your data investment.
  • Improve Efficiency: Understand reach and frequency across screens and frequency cap ad deliver to reduce wastage and avoid negative consumer experiences.
  • Increase Engagement:  Just as publishers can leverage Lotame experiences, advertisers can use the technology to underpin more engaging, customized creative experiences across devices.

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Looking for more information on how cross-device technology works? Check out our whitepaper for more details:

Cross Device Whitepaper