DMP Case Study: Northern & Shell Targets Advertising for Increased Engagement

August 16, 2016

In this DMP case study, learn how Northern & Shell, a leading UK publisher, combined multiple data sets into one place to further understand the demographics and behaviors of their audience. They wished to ultimately put this audience understanding at the centre of everything they did.

Northern & Shell, a leading magazine and newspaper publisher in the UK, employed Lotame’s DMP to collect, organize, activate, and analyze its audience data, in order to create high-quality, accurate audience segments. They used Lotame’s platform to build specific, highly targeted audiences, and then matched them against comScore’s UK panel to verify age and gender.

N&S also relied on Lotame’s semantic classification tool to capture user interest data based on specific article content at a far more granular scale compared to standard page-level data collection methods.  With this new wealth of information, Northern & Shell offered advertisers highly targeted audiences across its network of sites, leading to increased engagement via relevant content distribution and ad targeting.

Recognizing a need for transparency, N&S wanted their clients to be confident in reaching the right demographic audience. They were also looking for advanced page-level classifications for real-time, page-level contextualisation and deeper audience interest profiles, which would allow N&S to serve more relevant ads, justify higher CPMs, and drive repeat business.

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