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Case Study: 1XL Publisher Decreases CPA 72% for Travel Campaign

May 25, 2016

1XL is one of the largest news media publishers in the United Kingdom, comprised of a group of local news publishers. Their goal is to create winning ad solutions to deliver the most effective campaigns across their publishers’ inventory at premium rates.

To achieve this goal, 1XL partnered with Lotame to deploy our data management platform across its network of news sites. When their client, South West Trains, approached them about a campaign to increase online ticket sales while decreasing cost per acquisition by 50%, 1XL knew they would need to use Lotame’s DMP to target the right audience in order to maximize campaign performance.

Learn how 1XL exceeded this hefty goal and decreased CPA 72% using audience data from Lotame’s DMP. Fill out the form below and the case study will be emailed to you.