Bringing Audience Intelligence to Television and Video, aiTV.

November 6, 2017

Lotame is proud to announce that we have expanded our TV offering beyond what was formerly known as the TV DMP, now introducing you to aiTV (Audience Intelligence for Television and Video).

aiTV bridges the gap in television advertising by bringing rich audience targeting options, once only available in digital channels, to television content owners, agencies, and advertisers. By combining TV viewership data from smart TVs with other online and offline behavioral data, this suite of solutions gives you a complete view of television audiences. Let’s take a look at each of Lotame’s aiTV Solutions; aiTV: Platform, aiTV: Attribution & Insights, and aiTV: SmartTV Data Segments, and some of the benefits they have for both buy and sell-side companies.

aiTV: Platform

The aiTV: Platform, formerly known as TV DMP, is a platform that unifies TV viewership data with the world of digital data. This gives television networks a deeper understanding of their viewers, to ultimately optimize inventory, identify new business opportunities, bolster campaign performance against advanced audience targets, and increase linear ad sales revenue. The platform contains a number of features that allow you to bring advanced audience segments into the end-to-end workflow of the TV selling process. Everything from planning and optimization, to activation and post-buy reporting can be done against audiences built off of First-, Second-, or Third-Party Data.

Linear content owners with a national or local footprint now have a means to gather real-time, robust, and transparent insights into WHO is interacting with their messaging to drive monetization of their content.

Check out this Lotame aiTV video for a quick visual!

aiTV: Attribution & Insights

The aiTV: Attributions & Insights reporting suite offers television advertisers and their agencies the ability to measure the impact of their TV advertising on real-world actions, ranging from foot traffic, offline and online purchases, to website visitation. Now marketers know in real-time the effects of a specific TV buy on their bottom line.

When it comes to general insights surrounding your linear campaigns, Lotame has you covered there too! You’ll be able to get a full picture of your linear campaign “audiences” by tying together the full scope of demonstrated behavioral interests, which in turn helps you reach those valuable consumers efficiently.  

See below examples of our Attribution & Insights Reports:

aiTV: SmartTV Data Segments

The aiTV: SmartTV Data Segments are 3rd-Party audience segments built around TV viewership data and are available in the Lotame Data Exchange. aiTV offers both prepackaged and custom segments, giving you access to tens of thousands of audiences from over 8MM Smart TVs across the US.

Whether you are trying to retarget reality show watchers or look at individuals who have seen one of your competitor’s linear ads, our data team can help!  

Interested in learning more about how aiTV can help you bring digital audience intelligence to your TV media plans? Please feel free to reach out to

Written by: Tyler Blot. Connect with Tyler here!